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crafting fine bamboo fly fishing rods

Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. You guys are amazing.
Frank D.
Need a special gift for your fly fishing fanatic?  Or maybe something for yourself?  We offer a selection of logo hats, books, and various other fly fishing related paraphernalia.  

If you see something you like, please call us at (406) 782-5552 to order.  

Baseball Hats
Sweetgrass baseball caps are made of soft, durable canvas embellished with the Sweetgrass trout yin-yan logo embroidered on the crown. Available in 4 colors: cornflower blue, lichen green, granite gray, and hunter orange.  Size is adjustable.

Cost: $25

Bamboo Pen by Glenn BrackettSweetgrass Bamboo Pens
These handcrafted pens are made of 6 strips of bamboo, just like our hex rods.  They are hollowed and equipped with a roller-ball insert.  More importantly, the pens are inscribed with a bit of wisdom from our master-craftsman and owner, Glenn Brackett himself.

Cost:  $30

This unique film documents the transformation of bamboo from a hardy species of grass into a meticulously crafted split-cane fly rod. 

Coursing from the verdant hills of Southern China to the sparkling streams of Montana, Trout Grass is a story of passion, international partnership and the discovery of place in our natural world. This unique documentary captures the 10,000-mile journey of bamboo’s transformation from a hardy species of grass to a super-conductive split-cane fly rod.

The film tracks Hoagy Carmichael on his first visit to China where he experiences the country’s mystical bamboo forests. As a legendary split-cane fly rod craftsman and author of the art’s seminal study, these far-off lands have fueled Hoagy’s dreams for 40 years. Next, we meet master-builder Glenn Brackett, who taps into “the power of unseen hands” in his Montana shop while converting this hardy piece of grass into a stunning and responsive river wand.

Out on Rocky Mountain waterways, narrator David James Duncan and fly fishing legend Thomas McGuane reveal the magic of fishing with a fly rod made of grass and connecting with the order of rivers and flowing things.

Playing time: 47 minutes
Cost: $25

New from Jerry Kustich
Holy Waters Holy Waters - Fly Fishing Reveries and Remembrances
I am proud to announce the release of my new book. It is another collection of tales, essays, and environmental rants. Although the title piece is about the threatened section of Michigan’s Au Sable River known as the Holy Water, the book features a story about Sweetgrass and my time with Glenn. The main theme I try to convey throughout the book is that all water is holy. Wherever it flows and wherever we fish, there is a sacredness that enriches our souls, replenishes our spirits, and provokes lasting memories. Holy Water is a journey we all share.  ~ Jerry Kustich

Cost:  $24.95

100 Best Flies for Montana Trout100 Best Flies for Montana Trout
Outlining the 100 best traditional and innovative trout flies specifically designed for Montana's lakes and rivers, this guidebook features superb photographs and accessible instructions, making it an ideal companion for any fly-fishing enthusiast. With authentic advice from six notable fly designers and knowledgeable anglers, this authoritative resource covers all types of bait—from dry flies, nymphs, and streamers to midges, terrestrials, scuds, and sow bugs.

Thomas R. Pero is an avid fly fisherman and the former award-winning editor of Trout magazine. He served as founding editor of Fish & Fly and Wild Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon. He lives in Mill Creek, Washington. Ted Fauceglia is a freelance photographer and writer. His work has been featured in American AnglerField & Stream, and Montana Outdoors. He lives in Sharpsville, Pennsylvania.

Cost: $24.95

Around the Next Bend by Jerry KustichAround the Next Bend by Jerry Kustich
With writing what Nick Lyons has described as "quietly but fiercely independent, free from the commercialism that cloaks the fly-fishing world like a fungus", author Jerry Kustich tackles a range of subjects in his latest book, from fly-fishing contests and world records to the difficult subject of the death of loved ones. But whether writing about epic catches of memorable fish, pristine wilderness rivers, or the Booboys' controversial departure from R. L. Winston Rod Company, for Kustich the story of loss is linked to the story of hope, and both are reflected in the water we fish.

"Jerry Kustich is one of the most readable and engaging writers I know. He's an expert at virtually any subject he touches, but he's never ponderous. Instead he's a consummate storyteller and humorist who happens to care deeply about fishing." (Marshall Cutchin, Publisher, Midcurrent and Skiff Repubilc Oct, 2013)

"Jerry Kustich is at his best in this collection of stories and essays recounting a lifetime in fly fishing. He leads us up the river of life through tranquil pools and treacherous rapids of experience, from the joy of catching a huge trout to the incomprehensibly tragic and premature death of a loved one." (Norm Zeigler, Author of Snook on a Fly and Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun Oct, 2013)

Jerry Kustich is author of At the River's Edge: Lessons Learned in a Life of Fly Fishing (978-0963310927), A Wisp in the Wind: In Search of Bull Trout, Bamboo, and Beyond (978-0963310941), and coauthor of Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead (978-0963310910), all published by West River Publishing. His articles and essays have appeared in Fly Fisherman, Big Sky Journal, Fly Rod & Reel, and many other publications.

Cost: $24.95

The Art of the Creel by Hugh Chatham and Dan McClainThe Art of the Creel
With the advent of "catch and release", the fishing creel no longer has much utilitarian value.  Instead, it is being recognized for its folk art appeal and the fine workmanship that has gone into many of the old creels.  Further, the fishing creel is now widely recognized as a symbol of fishing and it is used in fishing art, logos and interior decoration.

"The Art of the Creel" is a photographic perspective on a wide variety of creels, their makers, their materials, and their artistic appeal.  With more than 200 different creels photographed, this book provides a comprehensive look at all the major categories of creel as well as some very rare, one of a kind creels that are tucked away in private collections.  The authors have also provided pertinent information about the history and the makers of most of the creels.  There is still much to learn about the subject and "The Art of the Creel" is as good place to start for anyone interested in fishing or folk art.

Cost: $49.95

Best of the Planing Form - IIBest of the Planing Form - II
A split bamboo fly rod is the crown jewel in the angler’s treasure chest of gear.  For more than a century the secrets of split bamboo rodmaking were shrouded in mystery, available only to the persistent few.  But in the closing decades of the 20thcentury a “Renaissance” of split cane rodmaking occurred, and The Planing Form newsletter was there to document and share the secrets of a new golden age of rodmaking

Now in Volume II of Best of The Planing Form the reader will discover the latest creative genius from professional and amateur craftsmen worldwide.   An international journey of the latest trends, techniques, and innovations found in today’s world of split bamboo rodmaking awaits the reader.

Join with the international community of rodmakers as they share their knowledge and expertise of a once thought of lost art.  Learn from the “best” about topics such as:
  • Why Bamboo?
  • Tools, Tricks & Techniques
  • Fly Rod Design
  • Ferrules, Finishes, Grips & Guides
  • The many faces of a Cane Rod
    • Hexagonal (6 sided)
    • Quadrate (4 sided)
    • Hollow, Rectangular
    • Even More!

The Best of The Planing Form II is an exciting exploration into the world of modern split bamboo rodmaking.  An adventure for both the angler and the craftsman!

Cost: $35.00

The Blood Knot by John GalliganThe Blood Knot by John Galligan
Ned "the Dog" Oglivie lives in an old RV, crisscrosses the country to hit all the trout streams, and swigs vodka. But when he discovers a fellow fisherman's body in a Wisconsin stream, he also meets another oddity-one Melvina O'Malley-who tampers with the evidence and then appeals to the Dog for help. For some reason, he sticks around, encountering a red-neck fish poacher; a dangerously half-educated police chief; a retired, whiskey-guzzling fish biologist; and a crusading, crippled fly tier. In the first installment of a new mystery series, Galligan (Red Sky, Red Dragonfly), a Wisconsin-based college writing professor, portrays these radiantly quirky characters with deft strokes, pulling their strings with panache and outlining their world with humor and acceptance. A real treat.  -- Library Journal

Blood Knot is the second installment of John Galligan's fly fishing mystery series. 

Cost: $14.95

Creative Fly Tying by Mike MercerCreative Fly Tying
The book serious fly tiers across the country have been waiting for. California's Mike Mercer--whose highly original trout patterns have made him one of Umpqua Faether Merchants' top fly designers--offers fresh and thought-provoking insights to the art of fly tying in Creative Fly Tying, his first book. These concepts are drawn from a lifetime spent on the water fishing and guiding, studying the prey and feeding habits of fish. Mercer shows how to think differently about trout flies; he explains which materials to use and why. He reveals the evolutions and epiphanies that went into the creation of 12 of his favorite innovative patterns: Gold Bead Poxyback Green Drake Nymph, Copper Bead Micro Z-Wing Caddis, Profile Spinner, Rag Sculpin, Micro Mayfly Nymph, Alaska Lemming, PMD Trigger Nymph, Gold Bead Biot Epoxy Golden Stone Nymph, Sac Fry, Rag Hex Nymph, Zebra Midgeling, Glasstail Caddis Pupa. Very little is left to chance in these deadly flies--they are truly designed, head to tail. Tying sequences are elaborately and exquisitely photographed in super-sharp detail by Ted Fauceglia, America's foremost macro-photographer of aquatic insects.

Cost:  $39.95

Dances with Sharks by Dave AmesDances with Sharks
Few experiences can compare to a shark attack while casting to world record bonefish to help put a diagnosis of cancer in perspective. Fly-fishing winds like an interactive time machine through the pages of Dances With Sharks, taking you on a 340 million year journey from Carboniferous mayflies the size of canaries to contemporary Mexico where the direct descendents of Mayan Jaguar Priests learn to be flats fishing guides. These short stories in the classic tradition are funny, informative, poignant, and filled with enough action to keep you up reading late into the night. The three novellas in Dances with Sharks take you on three very different adventures, and your first stop is... Armageddon. Experience first hand the end of over 300 million years of world history along with Duke and the Mayor on a five day river trip through a wilderness canyon. They wake up covered with radioactive ash, in the yellow twilight of nuclear winter the hatches have never been better. On the off chance they are headed for heaven, the boys figure it's best if they don't show up with any gin, so they're a week late for work by the time they discover their mistake. Xian Kaan. That the sun would rise each morning was not a given for the Mayan Indians, so their Jaguar Priests helped it along with blood sacrifice. For five-hundred years while Europe was mired in the Dark Ages the Mayans ruled over one of history's most dominant and innovative civilizations, now they work for $5 a day. Explore the dual nature of the Mexican character as the heirs to those Jaguar Priests study to become fishing guides in the "Land Where the Sky is Born." Red Coat Key. This desert island is where the British loyalists hid out after the American Revolution. It's still full of pirates; it's also where Ames, a man now trapped in a woman’s body following initial hormone therapy, flees to ponder the next step in his battle against cancer. "Of all the glands," he says, "Why did it have to be my prostate?" With cancer, you pick your own treatment. Doctors recommend but don't decide, and this practical journey down the path to an informed decision trails from dorado on the high seas and turbot on the grass flats to the effect of testosterone deprivation in the face of Asp and Viper, the dancing snake women.

Cost:  $24.95

An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled America and Overran the World by Anders HalvorsonAn Entirely Synthetic Fish
Anders Halverson provides an exhaustively researched and grippingly rendered account of the rainbow trout and why it has become the most commonly stocked and controversial freshwater fish in the United States. Discovered in the remote waters of northern California, rainbow trout have been artificially propagated and distributed for more than 130 years by government officials eager to present Americans with an opportunity to get back to nature by going fishing. Proudly dubbed “an entirely synthetic fish” by fisheries managers, the rainbow trout has been introduced into every state and province in the United States and Canada and to every continent except Antarctica, often with devastating effects on the native fauna. Halverson examines the paradoxes and reveals a range of characters, from nineteenth-century boosters who believed rainbows could be the saviors of democracy to twenty-first-century biologists who now seek to eradicate them from waters around the globe. Ultimately, the story of the rainbow trout is the story of our relationship with the natural world—how it has changed and how it startlingly has not.

Cost:  $26.00

Fishing Bamboo: An Angler's Passion for the Traditional Fly Rod by John GierachFishing Bamboo
Once an angler masters a graphite rod, his interests often move on to the original fly rod, pliant bamboo. Until the mid-twentieth century, nearly all fly rods were bamboo. By the 1970s, fiberglass and graphite changed the world of fly-fishing. But more and more anglers are seeing bamboo rods in retail outlets, and want to give them a try. With this book, John Gierach, one of the nation’s top fly-fishing writers, provides a philosophical guide to the angler who seeks this new “old” method. Gierach discusses how bamboo rods are built, how they differ from graphite rods, and how using one will change a fly fisher’s approach to the sport. Fishing bamboo might be the pinnacle of fly-casting skill, and this book will help take you there.

Cost:  $14.95

Fly Fishing For Great Lakes Steelhead - An Advanced Look At Emerging Fishery by Rich Kustick and Jerry KustichFly  Fishing for Great  Lakes Steelhead
As the Great Lakes steelhead fishery moves into the 21st century, it provides an opportunity that can be considered no less than world class. Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead captures the very essence of its emergence. From its obscure beginnings to its current proactive management plans, the book covers the fishery's growth and maturity. Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead also covers, in great detail, a complete fly fishing approach to the varied challenges provided by Great Lakes steelhead and a complete guide to its important waters.

Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead has been a work-in-progress for over five years. During this period, authors Rick Kustich and Jerry Kustich have spent considerable time fishing all the major rivers and streams of the entire Great Lakes region as well as consulting with and meeting the area's top professional to discuss management plans, rivers, techniques and flies. This is coupled with nearly forty years' combined experience of fly fishing for steelhead in the Great Lakes and on the West Coast. This combination has created a unique perspective that has not yet been given to this subject. Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead will change the way we view the fishery and is detined to become the authoritative pronouncement on the subject.

This book promises to be the Bible on Great Lakes steelheading. -- Tom Pero, Editor and Publisher, Wild Steelhead & Salmon

This is not just another book on steelhead fishing. It is more than that. It is a pioneering encyclopedic effort to tell the entire, and true, story of the Great Lakes steelhead fishery, and an effort to direct a new emerging sport in the right direction. -- Lani Waller, From the Foreword

Cost:  $39.95

Fly Rods Galore by George M. BrownFly Rods Galore
Fly Rods Galore, a first of its kind, combines the classical approach of George's original work (1977) with what's new, fresh and unique in the contemporary world of split bamboo rodmaking. Two books in one, a then and now journey!

Fly Rods Galore is filled with the latest in split cane rodmaking instruction, theories, tips and sidelights not found elsewhere. 100 plus photos, charts, drawings and tables. Hardcover, 206 pages, including indexing and sources.

Two books in one, filled with insight, experience, New England charm. Concise documentation, encouraging style. Should be a good buy. -- Bob Maulucci, Power Fibers, Vol 8, July, 2002

Virtually every phase of rodmaking construction and finishing is well demonstrated. This one belongs on every bamboo enthusiast's bookshelf. -- John Zimny, The Planing Form Newsletter, Issue 78, November 2002

Cost:  $49.95

Fly Fishers Guide to Montana by Chuck RobbinsFly Fishers Guide to Montana
This guidebook details the wealth of great flyfishing in Big Sky Country. From major rivers like the famed Madison, Big Horn, Yellowstone, Ruby, Missouri, Big Hole, Madison, Clark's Fork, and Rock Creek to the smallest fishable creeks and lakes, veteran flyfisher and guide Chuck Robbins tells anglers everything they need to know about Montana s best fisheries. He describes in detail each water with stream facts and how and when to fish it. He recommends his favorite flies for each water. He also takes readers off the beaten path to high-country lakes, where many of the fish have never seen a fly. In addition, Chuck also the spring creeks and the great hidden fishing gems in eastern Montana. There are over 100 detailed fishing maps of the waters, as well as hatch charts and a complete listing of travel information, including fly shops, guides, lodges, accommodations, airports, boat rentals, restaurants, and more. Start planning your next flyfishing trip to Montana with this great book. Now with color fly plates!

Chuck Robbins is a freelance writer and photographer who hangs his hat in Dillon, Montana. A lifelong flyfisher and Montana flyfishing guide, Robbins has traveled and fished all across the Big Sky Country. He is also the author of On the Fly Guide to the Northern Rockies, and Great Places Montana.

Cost:  $29.95

Fundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly RodFundamentals of Building a Bamboo Fly Rod
Inspired by the teachings of a master rodmaker, here is a step-by-step guide to the craft of building handmade, heirloom-quality bamboo fly-rods—the most coveted of all rods.

Spurred in part by a quest for something authentic in a mostly synthetic world, more and more anglers are abandoning high-tech graphite fly-rods in favor of those hand-crafted from bamboo. Fly-anglers, most of whom tie their own flies, are now looking to make their own split-cane fly-rods. Bamboo is cheap, and the tools needed to build finished rods are simple and few. What is needed is patience, a steady hand, and a book that explains the process with clarity and detail. This is that book.

Co-author George Maurer has built some of the finest and most innovative bamboo rods seen in a generation. His student Bernard Elser explains this exacting craft in simple, precise steps. Each chapter begins with a list of tools and the time needed to complete the step described. 95 photographs and illustrations throughout illuminate key points of the process.

Maurer is a master of his craft. -- Mark S. Metcalf, editor of The Bamboo Fly Rod

Cost:  $35.00
Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods
Handcrafting Bamboo Fly Rods by Wayne Cattanach
The bamboo fly rod represents the pinnacle of the fly-fishing art: its apparent simplicity and delicacy belie the craftsmanship and strength that are the hallmarks of all great rods.

Wayne Cattanach begins in the Kwangsi and Kwantung provinces of China, where Tonkin bamboo takes about eight years to develop the qualities that distinguish it from all other materials: a tensile strength akin to steel, light in weight, with the flexibility that gives all bamboo rods their relaxed action.

He describes the process that will take anyone from lengths of hard, raw bamboo to a beautiful finished rod with clear, step-by-step instructions, including how to: find the best supplies; select tools and materials; make and use heat treaters and binders; select rod taper, weight, and action; cut culms; straighten bamboo strips; primary and secondary planing; stagger bamboo strips; give proper heat treating; bind strips; apply finish; mount the reel seat, ferrules, and tip top; and much more.

Scores of illustrations and line drawings demonstrate crucial techniques that before this book could only be guessed at, and Wayne's years of experience with pupils and bamboo are brought to bear at every step as his invaluable tips not only instruct, but also explain how to avoid common beginners' mistakes. This is surely the most thorough book available for those who want to have the pleasure of making, and fishing, their own bamboo fly rods.

"This is one of the best books for the aspiring rod maker or the old pro alike. This book is written so that you do not need an engineering degree in order to build a bamboo fly rod."--Bamboo Fly Rod Network

"This book is a well-illustrated presentation aimed at promoting the delicate art of creating bamboo fly rods. From the required materials to the most intricate techniques, Wayne Cattanach guides the rod maker along the path to producing the perfect featherweight rod."--Lie-Nielsen Library 

Wayne Cattanach has been making bamboo fly rods in Casnovia, Michigan, for over twenty years. He also writes articles regularly, and teaches rod making in seminars across the country.

Cost:  $24.95

Headwaters Fall as Snow by Kathy ScottHeadwaters Fall as Snow
Kathy Scott shares the special time that falls between the end of one fishing season & the beginning of another. Her words are easy and relaxing. Catch a glimpse of frozen ponds, crippling ice storms, & emerging frogs of spring accented by the pursuit of crafting a split bamboo rod. Here the headwaters are born which rush into our rivers as melted snow, &, ultimately, flow into our dreams. Scott, along with husband David & dog Kodiak, takes us on a tour of a snow-covered North Woods in search of the truth that only a life of simplicity can reveal.

In Headwaters Fall as Snow, Kathy Scott takes us on a tour of a snow-covered North Woods in search of the truth that only a life of simplicity can reveal.  Along with her life companion David and dog Kodiak, Kathy shares with us the special time that falls between the end of one fishing season and the beginning of another.  Her words are easy and relaxing.  We catch a glimpse of frozen ponds, crippling ice storms, frolicking mink and emerging frogs of spring skillfully accented by the contemplative pursuit of crafting a split bamboo rod.  It is here where the headwaters are born which eventually rush into our rivers as melted snow, and, ultimately, flow into our dreams.  This is a world that many of us will never experience unless we are taken there by a friend who writes with a devoted sense of place, a wonderful place, in fact, where we all feel welcome. -- Jerry Kustich - author of At the River's Edge 

With prose that is deft and illuminating, Kathy ushers us to a late-summer fly fishing trip to Wyoming, back home to Maine, to her birth farm in Michigan and back to Maine.  Her words, appropriately because it is so much a part of her life and imagery, are like a first, heavy snowfall, pervasive, lovely, always accumulating to a final and revealing architecture.  -- Tom Helgeson, publisher/editor Midwest Fly Fishing magazine

Cost:  $21.95

How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life - Master Fly Series by Landon MayerHow to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life
This inspirational handbook demonstrates time-tested approaches to catching elusive, giant “trophy” trout. Focusing on strategy and technique, this beautifully illustrated guide for both beginning and advanced fly fishermen explains the best methods to employ when fishing for large trout. Tips on locating giant trout, understanding the behavior of the species, and fooling the fish into biting are included.

Landon Mayer operates Extreme Fly Fishing, a professional guide company in the Rocky Mountains that specializes in teaching anglers to target trophy trout. He lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Cost:  $29.95

Master's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly RodMaster's Guide to Building a Bamboo Fly Rod
By unanimous agreement, this is simply the best work on the subject – the definitive book. Mr. Garrison, a mechanical engineer by training, built perhaps the finest rods ever – and describes how it’s done. He died before the book was first published (in 1977) though his protégé, Hoagy B. Carmichael, completed it and brought it to publication. Essential reading for all who admire fine bamboo rods. A useful section is included on restoration, refinishing and repair as well. 

This is a Meadow Running Press special reprint enclosed in a collector's slip cover. 

Cost:  $75.00

Montana's Best Fishing Waters by Wilderness Adventures PressMontana's Best Fishing Waters
New Edition of map book, with many changes. From world famous waters like the Madison, Missouri, and Yellowstone Rivers to local favorites like the Beaverhead, Big Hole, and Gallatin Rivers, these incredibly comprehensive maps will lead you to the best fishing Montana has to offer. Official access sites are clearly marked including GPS coordinants, along with boat ramps, campgrounds, and roads and trails that allow additional access to every stream. River miles, public and private land, and a wealth of other useful information for anglers is also included. The Rivers: Beaverhead River, Big Hole River, Bighorn River, Big Spring Creek, Bitterroot River, Blackfeet Lakes, Blackfoot River, Boulder River, Clark Canyon Reservoir, Clark Fork River, Flathead River, Middle Fork Flathead River, North Fork Flathead River, South Fork Flathead River, Gallatin River, Glacier National Park, Georgetown Lake, Hebgen Lake, Quake Lake, Jefferson River, Kootenai River, Madison River, Missouri River, Rattlesnake Creek, Rock Creeks, Rosebud Creeks, Ruby River, Shields River, Smith River, Stillwater River, Swan River, Tongue River, Yaak River, and Yellowstone River.

Cost:  $29.99

The Nail Knot by John GalliganThe Nail Knot
Fly fisherman Ned Oglivie ("Dog" to his friends), has every intention of fishing Black Earth, Wisconsin for a few relaxing days before moving his RV to the next stop. Then he finds a dead body, & a whole small town of suspects. When all he wants to do is get out of town, it seems he can't move an inch. This marks the first installment in a series of murder mysteries starring the "Dog" by Galligan.

Cost: $14.95

New Generation of Trout Flies by Scott SanchezNew Generation of Trout Flies
Scott Sanchez's innovative fly patterns are dreamed up, proven, and refined on the demanding wild-trout waters of the Yellowstone region. About the author, John Bailey of Dan Bailey's Fly Shop in Livingston, says: "In all my years in the fly-fishing business, I have not met anyone who is as creative a fly tier as Scott Sanchez. He has no boundaries. I still marvel how many ideas continueto flow from him." And Dave Klausmeyer, Editor of Fly Tyer Magazine, adds: "This well-written and illustrated volume contains nothing but excellent patterns designed to entice trout-- no fluff, no padding, no bull." Detailed tying instructions and close-up photos are shown for 20 of the author's most effective patterns. The book also contains useful information on fishing the flies and practical tips on fishing the West. It covers the entire spectrum from the popular Double Bunny to the Parachute Midge Emerger. Sanchez's flies are quick and easy to tie, and will immediately help! the angler fish more productively in a wide variety of waters and conditions.

Cost:  $39.95

North of Easie by Robert J. Romano, Jr.North of Easie
After writing an important novel, fishing guide Sal d'Amico builds a cabin in the backwoods of western Maine, where his outdoors and social adventures begin surrounded by the lakes of forest of this great wilderness. A bright, attractive woman, Christine Bailey, rolls into town with a black eye and a longing to refresh her life among the trout streams and pristine forests. That's when the fun begins.

A fishing guide's reflective lifestyle in a cabin deep in the backwoods of Maine serves as inspiration to those longing to simplify life to its bare essentials. North of Easie is a state of mind where one is enticed to stay and live forever. -- Jerry Kustich, bamboo rod-maker, and author of At the River's Edge.

Cost: $20.00

A Passion for Steelhead by Dec HoganA Passion for Steelhead
Adventure-minded anglers can chase the elusive, silvery steelhead with this book of techniques, revelations, and observations by an expert guide. Pointers include selecting the most effective fly for various river conditions, choosing the right tackle, adjusting to different water types, spey casting, and finding the most productive streams of the season, and a chapter on why steelhead choose to take or refuse a fly is included.

Dec Hogan is a highly regarded steelhead guide and spey caster with decades of expertise in and around Washington's legendary Skagit River. He lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Cost: $59.95

Reflections on the Water - Fly Fishing Tales & Tips from a Seasoned Angler by Rick KustichReflections on the Water
Reflections on the Water is one angler's account of memories and thoughts experienced in half of a lifetime of fly fishing. In the introduction Rick Kustich writes: The passion of the pursuit has fueled a wonderfully fulfilling journey that provides influence, significance and levity. The challenge of this book was to portray these elements in words. Join Rick on his journey through these written pages.

Cost: $22.95

Return to Travers Corners: Stories by Scott WaldieReturn to Travers Corners
With stories full of the "witty homespun characters" (Library Journal) of his first collection, Return to Travers Corners brings us farther along in the lives of the townspeople. Travers Corners is not much more than Main Street. There's Ed's Garage and Filling Station; McCracken's General Store-still owned and run by Junior, the worst fisherman who ever lived to fish; the Tin Cup Bar and Cafe; Delores's Beauty Parlor; and The Carrie Creek Boat Works and Guide Service-Judson C. Clark proprietor. Travers Corners is an outpost for all things wild and beautiful-rivers and creeks, wildlife, cattle ranches, glaciated benchlands sweeping into the timbered mountains. Travers is a fly-fishing paradise. 

Here are stories of love interests and fishing dories, of famous fishermen full of hot air and simple ones filled with awe. From the explosive businessman who gets his due to the humble genius whose fondest desire comes true, we're privileged to fish with, and wish with, the people of Travers Corners

The simplicity of the rural West beckons from every tale-written with a wit that puts it all in perspective. The world would be a better place if we had all spent a spell in Travers Corners.

Cost:  $22.95

River of Dreams by Lani WallerRiver of Dreams
A wonderful and poignant collection of stories written by one of the most recognized names in steelhead fishing and angling travel. The author has weaved the fishing experiences that have impacted him most into a compilation that is rich in descriptive prose.

Cost: $24.95

Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun: A Fly Fisher's European Journal by Norm ZeiglerRivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun
Like the extraordinarily successful A Year in Provence, this is a book about falling in love with the true essence of a geographical area--its sights, smells, and sounds. The author's passion for fly fishing provides a rich, lyrical backdrop for his observations, but Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun is no angler's guide.

Notes Zeigler, "For most Americans, the Continent is a place to soak up art, history, and culture...Ours is a largely urban perception that belies the region's wondrous cold-water fishing possibilities: the big rainbows of the Deutscher Traun, Jutland's spring creeks, the freestone streams of the High Pyrenees. 

"But for me, the fishing was always only part of the allure. What made Europe special were the exhilaration and adventure of travel, the thrill of discovering new waters, and the exotic flavors of foreign places. And, of course, there were the people, diverse in their politics, creeds, traditions, and nationalities, and yet--to paraphrase Kipling--brothers & sisters under their skin."

The writing in Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun is beautifully crafted, and the book is handsomely illustrated with graphite-pencil drawings by renowned sporting artist Michael Simon. Join them in a journey long to be remembered.

Cost: $22.95

Rod Crafting: A Colorful Pictorial History from 1843 - 1960 by Jeffrey L. HattenRod Crafting: A Colorful Pictorial History
The history of fishing rods from the early 1800s to the 1970s, through text and hundreds of color photographs. With access to five private and extensive collections, Hatton covers the first three ages of rod-making: The smith age, up to 1870; the expansion era, 1870-1900; and the classic era, 1900-1970s. Forty-nine beautiful rods are featured, each with a description, history, notable features.

This unique, one-of-a-kind book is a must for anyone interested in the history of our great sport and collectors of antique fishing tackle. Be warned: once you get into this book, you may look up to discover that several hours have gone by!

Cost: $39.95

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen by Paul TordaySalmon Fishing in the Yemen
"Extracts from a return to an address of the honourable house of commons by the foreign affairs committee and a report into the circumstances surrounding the decision to introduce salmon into the Yemen (Yemen salmon fishing project), and the subsequent events."

Cost: $24.00

Snook on a Fly: Tackle, Tactics and Tips for Catching Great Saltwater Gamefish by Norm ZeiglerSnook on a Fly
With their voracious feeding habits and spectacular aerial antics, snook may be saltwater fly fishing's most exciting gamefish. These elegant creatures can be elusive, but once they're hooked, they strike hard, run far, and jump high. In Snook on a Fly, Zeigler introduces the thrills of fly fishing for snook to beginners and provides new insights for experienced snookers looking to build their knowledge and skills. He shares effective techniques for snooking in different seasons and environments, from mangrove estuaries to night fishing to sight fishing along the beaches. After discussing the necessary gear for snook fishing, Zeigler gives specific instructions on how to tie essential knots for snook and the best flies to use under various conditions. Snook on a Fly is sure to inspire, entertain, and enlighten fly fishers who have ever pursued or dreamed of pursuing these magnificent gamefish.

Cost:  $21.95

Wisp in the Wind by Jerry KustichA Wisp in the Wind
A Wisp in the Wind centers on the bamboo shop that's located in a non-descript metal building in a back alley in Twin Bridges, blocks and years removed from the modern Winston headquarters building on the outskirts of town. In the book, Jerry describes the rod-building process and the many painstaking steps involved with building a bamboo rod.

The author uses conversations among the rod builders in the Winston shop as a basis for examining what's good and what's disturbing about the environment, pressure on fishing waters, life in small towns in rural Montana, family relationships, and, of course, fishing, particularly fishing with bamboo rods. As Jerry says in one chapter, "There is something special about the rods we build. It is undeniable. You can sense the magic in the completed work."

~Paul F. Vang

Cost: $24.95

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