The tradition continues at Sweetgrass Rods
crafting fine bamboo fly fishing rods

Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. You guys are amazing.
Frank D.

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SGR Logo Goods

SGR Logo Goods

Sweetgrass Rods logo products.

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Bamboo Net
These handcrafted nets are sure to bring you both much joy and many big fish. Meticulously built by ..
Baseball Cap
Sweetgrass baseball caps are made of soft, durable canvas embellished with the Sweetgrass trout yin-..
Dodecahedron Fly Rod Tubes
Dodecahedron (twelve sided) fly rod tubes made in your choice of bamboo, maple, mahogany or teak.  T..
Large Sweetgrass Boat Sticker
These large, 12" stickers are made of materials designd to withstand the elements for 5+ years.  Des..
Shipping Tube Case
Your spouse was cleaning out the closet and came across the shipping tube for the Sweetgrass Rod s/h..
Sweetgrass Rod Flasks
We debated whether these flasks should be classified under "Fly Fishing Accessories" and they may en..
Sweetgrass Rods Decal
This little 4" sticker says a lot about you and where you'd rather be - fishing!  Unless, of course,..
Filson's Heritage Sportsman Bag
Filson's Heritage Sportman bag with blow you away with its fantastic design, sturdy construction and..
Trucker's Fly Fishing Hat
Keep cool and shady with our new Trucker's style hat.  The crown face displays the Sweetgrass Rods l..

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