The tradition continues at Sweetgrass Rods;                               
crafting fine bamboo fly fishing rods

Thanks for the wonderful craftsmanship. You guys are amazing.
Frank D.
A Sweetgrass fly rod will make you put your graphite away for a very long time.
John M.

Rods shown may have been sold or reserved.  Please contact us to confirm that your selection(s) is available. 

These rods can be shipped within four weeks - often less.

Our two-piece, two-tip rods are $2000. Our three-piece (or four-piece), two-tip rods are $2500. Custom orders will be done on a quote basis.  Along with a warranty on all workmanship, satisfaction is fully guaranteed as well.

Shipping prices for fly rods vary dramatically depending on product and destination.  Typically, shipping within the United States (lower 48 states) is $40 and international shipping is $75-$100, including insurance.  When you pay for your rods, please include the shipping cost based on your location (buttons at the bottom of the page).  If the shipping cost is significantly higher than the expected rate, you will be charged for the difference. 

Serial # Rod Length Line Weight Configuration #Pieces/#Tips Grip Reel Seat
2022 6'3" 3 Hex 2/2 Cigar Slideband
1781 Sunrise Series Nickel Silver Slide Band 7' 3 Hex 3/2 Cigar Slideband
1782 Sunrise Series red wraps/anodized aluminium hdwr 7'6" 3 Hex 3/2 Cigar Uplock
1958 7' 4 Quad 2/2 Halfwells Slideband
2066 7'6" 5 Pent 3/2 Cigar Downlock
2031 7'9" 5 Pent 3/2 Halfwells Downlock
1846 8'6" 5/6 Octi 2/2 Halfwells Downlock
2094 8'6" 7/8 Hex 2/2 Halfwells Downlock
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